How to Sell Unsexy Products on Amazon to Build a Profitable Freedom Business

Building A Profitable Amazon Business

Ok, so you’ve thought of hundreds of get-rich-quick ideas and looked at a bunch of products, webinars, and seminars on how to do it. They all promise the world, but in the end, they don’t really deliver. Recently I found one program that provides the training to achieve the wealth and freedom I seek and I wanted to share it with the BuzzShark audience. This program does not promise to make you rich overnight. It does not promise anything other than to educate you on how to sell unsexy products on Amazon to build a profitable business. It peeked my interest. Todd Snively and Chris Keef, the founders of the Ecomm Elite program, sell over $5 million dollars on Amazon, every year, using some high-tech tools they developed and a few strategies. They provide the tools, training, and guidance to help you sell profitable unsexy products on Amazon.  If you are interested in learning more, see their free webinar here.

What is Unsexy Selling???

Selling unsexy products is the best way to make serious money on Amazon in the quickest, lowest risk way possible.  Most Amazon sellers make the mistake of falling for the “sexy” method marketing gurus promote by telling you to sell the top 100 most popular products.  Todd & Chris will smash that myth and show you exactly how to do it to make money!

Where Do I Find The Products?

Todd & Chris will show you a method to find wholesale distributors that no one else is using, giving you access to tens of thousands of products from US-based suppliers instantly!  Many people believe all the good products and good suppliers are already taken.  This is not even close to being true, and their webinar will show you exactly how to find the best suppliers to purchase wholesale, unsexy products.

How Do I Know What to Buy?

Having access to tens of thousands of products at wholesale pricing brings another problem – how to know what to buy? Todd will show you how to analyze tens of thousands of products in a matter of minutes to know which products will sell, how many will sell each month, how much profit you will make on each product and how to do this over and over again!  This process makes it really easy to find the right products to buy from wholesalers. 

A Profitable Amazon Business is Life Changing!

So you are probably asking why you should listen to this webinar? Well, about 8 months ago, I went on a personal journey to find some way that I could have the personal freedom to go anywhere in the world while running a profitable business. I wasn’t trying to become a millionaire. I just wanted a consistent income stream that would afford me the ability to travel and work from anywhere in the world. I looked at 31 different seminars, franchise opportunities, webinars, products and trading systems. Most required a sizable investment upfront, quite a bit of cash, or a significant time spent in a brick and mortar location to get started. I could not see buying into a program that was not going to deliver on their promise or meet my needs. After a few months of searching, I came across Todd & Chris’ Ecomm Elite program. I know, it sounds like a workout routine…and it is! But in a good way. This program has changed my life. You can do this full time or part-time. It does not require a huge investment and can be done from anywhere you want to live.

Update on My Progress

For the past 3 months, I have been going through Todd and Chris’ extensive training. I have seen all their videos. I have read all their content. I have communicated and received counsel from successful Ecomm Elite members through their members only Facebook group and I have used the amazing tools Todd & Chris provide to make product research easy.  This past November I launched my first product on Amazon, and it has gone well beyond my expectations. I can’t wait to see what results I get this year with the Ecomm Elite program. My goal this year is to launch 10 new products every week. This is an easily attainable goal. Once I reach 150 products (15 weeks). I am projecting I will be netting, a 6 figure income. And this is just the beginning! If I can keep the pace of launching 10 products a week, I may be in the 7 figure range by end of 2018! I read posts from hundreds of successful Ecomm Elite members on the members-only Facebook page every day. They share posts with screen caps of their Amazon Seller Central account sales numbers. The success they are having is really mind-boggling!

See what Todd and Chris have to say for yourself. The webinar is free and it is an eye-opener. Go To Webinar


  1. Thanks to share the Information.
    There are a lot of successful sellers that can help you to start the right way your Amazon business,but you need to be curious choosing a course.

    I really acknowledge that by relying on the best selling products and bringing the same ones to the market can make you money,but unfortunately you will probably never build a true system or build a million dollar business.

    I advice people to to use keyword research instead of product research.

    1. sharkbait

      Hello Ndayishimiye,
      Thanks for commenting. I agree that using keyword search to find products is a great way to find what people are looking for. This program is geared towards that approach, but instead of focusing on the best selling products, which have really heavy competition. It teaches you how to find the unsexy products that are selling well enough for you to make a solid profit by scaling.

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