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About Us

Our Story

Simply Virtual. At BuzzShark, our team works from home offices all across the country. This flexibility lets us recruit the most talented, and perfectly matched individuals for each client. We are not bound by geography, industry, nor specialty. It’s all open water at BuzzShark. If you are looking for a copywriter who specializes in hematology, or a digital marketing manager who has decades of experience in consumer goods, or an SEM specialist who knows banking, we got one.

The best part is our network, our clients, and the specialized team we form for each account is in constant communication with each other through our virtually connected project management, project review and marketing library systems. This approach helps us keep costs down and our focus on our clients.

We collaborate digitally and meet with our clients in their conference rooms instead of ours, which is a true convenience for our clients. We offer all the services of a traditional agency, and more.

Our Services Include:

Marketing Strategy
Brand Strategy
Digital Marketing
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Inbound Marketing
Creative Strategy
Public Relations
Social Media
Brand and Corporate Identity Development
Brand Management
Advertising – Print, broadcast, web, outdoor
Media Planning and Buying
Direct Marketing
Email Marketing

So, what are you waiting for? Stop paying for your agency’s Class A office space and start paying for results. At BuzzShark, we are focused on developing killer marketing programs to grow sales. For an immediate consultation, or to learn how BuzzShark can revolutionize your marketing and sales, click here.

Our Approach

Marketing Strategy is both an art and a science. At BuzzShark, we take a scientific approach, using research and data analysis to create targeted, engaging customer experiences to grow sales. There are 6 phases to our approach:

  • Research & Discovery

    We conduct a thorough audit of your business, industry, competition, customers, and marketing to get a deeper understanding of your current situation.
  • Strategy

    From the information we gathered during the Research and Discovery phase, we analyze the information and develop a comprehensive and strategic plan to improve your marketing and grow sales.
  • Implementation
    We then take the strategic plan and set up all marketing and sales tools and programs. We take into account defined KPI’s and goals and set expectations for timelines.
  • Training
    We work with your team to ensure they are all trained to use the tools and programs we develop and ready to perform their assigned function.
  • Execution

    We work with your team to ensure a smooth launch of all tools and programs.
  • Analysis, Review, and Reset
    An analysis is inherent in every step of our approach, and it does not end. We continually analyze the data that we are receiving and review and compare the results obtained to the KPI’s and goals established. We continuously revise and test different variables to optimize results.

When you work with us, we become an integral part of your team. For an immediate consultation, or to learn how BuzzShark can revolutionize your marketing and sales, click here.