Should I Start My Own Business in 2019?

Corporate America has changed. Job security is largely a nonexistent, benefits (if offered) are not nearly what they used to be, and starting your own business is looking a lot less risky. However, starting a small business is no small decision. It may have a major financial and quality of life impact on you and … Read more

8 steps to successful disruption of your industry

Disruption is one of the buzzwords you hear often in today’s business world. Nothing shakes an industry awake like disruptive innovation. Companies become obsolete, others complain about their disappearing market share, while the smart ones recognize the signs of disruption early and embrace the change. In this new paradigm, businesses must either go out and … Read more

10 low-cost strategies to crank-up sales in 2019

Start the New Year off on the right path The new year is coming fast, and the best way to grow your business — and stay ahead of your competition — is to look for ways to improve sales. It’s a simple truth every company has to face: to grow your business, you need to … Read more

What Is Marketing Automation?

So, what is marketing automation, really? I am sure you’ve heard about it. It is mentioned by every marketing guru out there. Even raved about. But the bottom line is, what can it do for you? Let’s start by defining it. Marketing automation is software that helps you to automate your marketing and sales engagement to … Read more

Choosing the Right Marketing Platform to Grow Your Business

Running a successful business is no easy job. You need to make sure your existing customers are happy with what you offer and, at the same time, attract new customers to generate revenue to expand your business further. You also need to be flexible and always on the lookout for new and more effective ways … Read more

“A two-way relationship is more valuable than a one-way impression,”

Brands are shifting to the direct to consumer model. Randall Rothenberg, the chief executive officer at the Interactive Advertising Bureau, says “A two-way relationship is more valuable than a one-way impression.” The IAB on Monday published research indicating that growth in most consumer categories is shifting to brands centered on direct-to-consumer relationships and agile supply chains that are … Read more

The Easiest and Most Effective Way to Advertise on FaceBook and Instagram

Needls determines the perfect target audience for ads by monitoring social media conversations in real time. Needls is the only platform where people receive ads for what they need, when they need it. Needls is the simplest and most effective way to advertise your business on Facebook and Instagram. Let us show you the power of Needls and how … Read more

Social media can be a cost-effective means of customer service

Companies that don’t staff customer service for social channels are missing out on happier customers, potential revenue and a cheap way of providing service writes Sue Duris. A Gartner report estimates “it costs less than $1 per interaction on social, compared to $6 per phone call and $2.50-5 per email,” she writes. Read the full … Read more