Why Vertical Video is on the Rise

For many years, anybody taking a video on their camera or smartphone would be chastised if they weren’t filming in landscape mode. Since it allows for widescreen viewing, landscape has been considered the standard for not only personal filming but for businesses too. However, we seem to be on the precipice of change; a new world where vertical videos are the standard. Why is this the case?

Marketing Automation Trends to Pay Attention to in 2019

Thanks to the advancements in technology and the internet over the years, marketing automation is something that has grown exponentially. Rather than doing everything manually and wasting precious time on repetitive tasks, marketing automation allows for a more efficient process. With certain aspects of the marketing process taking care of itself, your team is free to invest the saved time on strategies to generate more leads.

Marketing Strategy for Gen Z. A $200 Billion Powerhouse

Gen Z is the next big generational wave of consumers. A retail disrupter in the real sense. They are the very first generation who are smartphone native. This smartphone nativism may be because a vast majority of them do not know (or at least remember) any time in their history when social networks did not exist.

Why email marketing is getting more personal

Why You’ve seen these types of emails in your inbox right? “Lucy, Get 20% off the entire site this week only!” Or “Mark, the new Lexus NX300 is here, and we have an exclusive preview just you at our showroom.” Even “Steve, we have a few items we think will go with that ‘widget’ you purchased, and they are 10% off for a limited time!” Personalization of marketing emails is an ever-evolving trend. It tells your customers that you know them well and care about what interests them. However, what does this personalization of data mean to the company?
A customer’s interaction with a product or service can help a company collect enough data on them to target market-related items to them in the future. The one-size-fits-all approach is no longer valid with the modern-day consumer. They expect personalized content both online and offline. Email marketing should meet and exceed customer expectations while also giving the business an edge over its competitors.

Is your sales milk run strategy turning sour?

You’ve heard the term “milk run” from your sales manager right? A milk run is really a territory assignment. The assignment requires the sales associate to visit “X” number of businesses in their territory every “X” number of days, weeks, or months. Usually, the milk run is a part of the sales associate’s monthly quota and may require them to make “X” number of calls, emails or social media posts. In addition to the face-to-face visits. So what is wrong with a milk run? Why is this strategy turning sour? One word: Need.